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Intuitive Eating Workshop

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When it comes to eating, we have lost our way. We have forgotten our natural ability to have a loving relationship with food. Surrounded by artificial food products, and bombarded with contradictory information and diets, it is no wonder.

Restaurants and grocery stores have become testing zones of our willpower and leave us feeling guilty every time we leave. We are stuck in unhealthy cycles of consumption and mental battles with food.

This is not all right. You deserve better than that! A healthy relationship with food is the foundation of a healthy and happy life. Imagine being able to tune into what your body needs while eating guilt free! This is the idea behind INTUITIVE EATING. And we all have that natural ability, buried underneath a lifetime of programming and brainwashing.

This interactive workshop is for you if you want to start a fresh and healthy new relationship with food. It is set up to inspire you to throw out the old and welcome the new. It is for those who are sick and tired of feeling like crap, and intuitively know that the food you have been eating, does not support your BEST SELF.

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