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Indigo Valley Farm is a three-acre organic Haskap Berry Farm

Our mission: To grow delicious berries, spread awareness about our food system, and to promote community health.

We grow three varieties of haskaps on this beautiful land in the Okanagan. Several varieties are required for cross-pollination. We have planted ‘Tundra’, ‘Indigo Gem’ and ‘Aurora’ haskap berries.

Every May we cover the entire field with bird netting (not an easy task) and remove it in July after the harvest.

Haskap berries are very delicate; the skin is soft and the inside very juicy. This is why great care must be exercised picking and processing these berries by hand, especially on hot summer days.

Much is involved in getting the haskaps from our field and into your hands. We appreciate nothing more than to see how much people are loving this berry!

Top Quality Haskap Berries

We take great pride in leading the market with a top quality product. Everything we do, from choosing to grow organically to picking and processing by hand, is aimed at getting you that perfect berry!

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Why We Grow Organically

Our family has a long history of farming and although our generation did not start farming until Indigo Valley Farm; this is our calling. We got into farming understanding the importance of ecosystems in our natural world and in our bodies, so organic farming is our commitment to future generations.

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Closed for the season.

Order on-line and pick up at the market or farm.

Lots of frozen berries available!

Jam, fruit leather and freeze-dried berries coming back early September.

Sauce and juice still available.

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