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U-Picknic Events

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U-Picknic Date

Bookings will open in June / July when berries are ripe!

Dates for this event will be coming soon.


Enjoy being out in nature. It’s good for the soul! Pick berries, stay for a picnic.

Choose a private spot inside the 3-acre netting ‘tent’ right between the haskap rows. It’s magical. Or perhaps an area under the trees or on the patio? This 5-acre property offers many great places to have a family or romantic couple’s picnic!

During the haskap season (June / July). Every day between 10am - 2pm.

Minimum u-pick: 3 pounds of berries per group (FYI - It takes one person about one hour to pick 7 pounds.)

Hoping to come at a different time? Please call to make an appointment

U-pick price: $10 / pound or $8 / pound for 10 pounds or more (credit / debit available)

Please do not bring your dog (chickens might be free-ranging)

What to bring:

Picnic blanket or camping chair(s) if not using patio

Your meal / drinks (Haskap juice for sale while quantities last.)

Sun hat for those hot sunny days

Wear your ‘farm clothes’ - they may get haskap or dirt stained

Shoes are optional - ‘earthing’ (grounding) feels great!

*Please note that this is a ‘working farm’ so please be responsible for your own safety. Watch for things like uneven ground (especially holes), wires from bird netting structure, and ‘natural fertilizer’ left by farm animals.

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Closed for the season.

Order on-line and pick up at the market or farm.

Lots of frozen berries available!

Jam, fruit leather and freeze-dried berries coming back early September.

Sauce and juice still available.

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