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Bumble Bees and Haskap Berry Bushes

Bumble Bees and Haskap Berry Bushes

When we think about what a plant needs to survive, we start with the basics: water, soil and sunshine. But what about the pollinators? Without bees, there would be no fruit. And without fruit, there would be no seeds. And without seeds, there would be no plants for the future.

It is easy to take these pollinators for granted as they largely do what they do without much fuss and attention. But in order to have food security, taking note of the health of bees and understanding what they need to thrive, should be everyone’s business. At least for those who want to continue to eat!

So at Indigo Valley Farm, the mission is not only to grow healthy clean food for the community, but to spread awareness about our current food system and how it effects the health of everyone,

We love nothing more than to get the opportunity to spread awareness in our community through the news. Here is an article in the local paper about how wild bumbles bees help our farm and how we pay them back.

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Closed for the season.

Order on-line and pick up at the market or farm.

Lots of frozen berries available!

Jam, fruit leather and freeze-dried berries coming back early September.

Sauce and juice still available.

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